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COMMON NONSENSE: Instead of this … go for that

02/10/2014 12:53am

By nature, Valentine’s Day is characterized by fat, winged babies sporting projectile weapons and the most anatomical misrepresentation of a heart someone could conceive. And on top of that, it’s celebrating a martyr’s execution.

Bird of Paradise to perform in village for album release

01/17/2014 3:25pm

The Cup will host an album launch at 7 p.m. for Bird of Paradise’s new album, “Temples.” The launch performance will be accompanied by artwork from the Glue & Scissors Society depicting the themes within the album.

Get fit and focused in 2014

01/13/2014 11:47pm

New Year’s resolutions can pile up quick and forgotten about like clueless relatives’ unwanted Christmas presents.

COMMON NONSENSE: Your guide to staying sane inside

01/07/2014 2:59pm

Three days without being able to step outside can turn a comfy bedroom to a padded cell pretty easily. Comforts like snuggling in and watching television turn into “nothing is on, I hate life,” which spirals into sadness.