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Not just a store, a livelihood

America’s malls have taken a hit within the past fear years with the rise in online sales. Muncie Mall is no exception. Stores have been closing with only one anchor store surviving within the mall’s ...

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Walmart Next-Day Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse and worse, and doctors and officials warn it may be dangerous to go out in public. Walmart has a next-day delivery service that can help people get daily necessities ...

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COVID-19 and its effect on business in Muncie

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 across the United States, many restaurants have taken serious precautions by limiting to only curbside dining or carry-out orders, per Executive Order 20-10 signed by Governor ...

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How COVID-19 affects learning

Many things in the world have changed because of COVID-19. The way people travel, the way they work, if they can work at all, and the ability to eat inside any restaurants right now are all different. ...


The Mask “Seller”

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States, many people are trying to wear surgical masks to protect themselves. However, people cannot buy surgical masks at regular prices right now. ...


Rinker Center new coordinator

To help International students have a better experience at Ball State, there is a new coordinator. Cherelle Dunn joined the Rinker Center and Dunn’s job will be to help with the 1+2+1 students’ experiences. ...


Ball State residences will be closed

This afternoon, the Ball State president’s office announced that school residence halls will be closing on March 29. This decision will affect all students living on campus, especially international ...

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