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Blake’s Beats: Muncie happy places

10/09/2019 1:08pm

I’d like to highlight some of the places here in Muncie that have become beacons of hope and cliched “Happy Places” for me. Check them out! See what they do for you, maybe they’ll become your happy place too.

Blake’s Beats: Why I’m regretfully excited about the NFL season

09/16/2019 11:42am

Sundays used to be a holy day. The living room was my church, and I prayed with conviction to the altar of National Football League.  I would stroll into the old RCA Dome with my grandfather, knowing nothing else other than I was happy if the team with blue horseshoes on their helmets won, and I was so unreasonably sad if they lost.   I was blissfully ignorant to the carnage happening in front of me, and behind the scenes too.

Blake’s Beats: Brockhampton gets colorful on “iridescence”

10/03/2018 9:34pm

Here’s what you do: go to Track 10 on Brockhampton’s newest album “Iridescence,” press play on a little number entitled “J’OUVERT" and tell me that the self-proclaimed “America’s hardest working boyband” has run out of things to say.

Blake's Beats: For Mac, thank you

09/11/2018 3:05pm

I was in Target when I got the news. I feel my phone vibrate, and I see a text that contains a sentence I won’t soon forget: “Mac Miller is dead.”