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The Faces Behind Gray Divorce: Divorce rates among long-term marriages are increasing

A study by the Department of Sociology at Bowling Green State University reports that 36% of United States adults getting divorced in 2019 are 50 or older. In 1990, only 8.7% of divorces in the U.S. occurred among adults aged 50 or older. Researchers theorize that this massive increase is due to changing views across generations, the financial stability of women, and incompatibility. 


History Of: Cleo Sol

Cleo Sol, the newest songbird supreme, serenades the peacemakers and soul searchers alike. Her critical acclaim for unconventional releases and genre-defying music has helped to redefine the standards of R&B in the 2020s. This History Of dives into her life and music, where every note resonates with themes of love and resilience.

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