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OPINION: Which city deserves an MLB expansion franchise?

Montreal, Québec, is known for a few things. It is the largest French-speaking city in North America and has many famous festivals, but it also has a rich history of baseball. Imagine this, game seven of the World Series, a sold-out Nashville crowd and a Nashville World Series win. Could you imagine what Broadway Street would be like that night? Charlotte, North Carolina, should undoubtedly be the number one candidate for cities up for an MLB expansion or relocation team in the near future. 


Ball State Men's Basketball falls to Vermont in their first game in the Bahamas

On the island filled with majestic turquoise water, plush pink sand, and nothing short of pure paradise, the Cardinals look to get a win in their first game of a three-day tournament hosted in Nassau, Bahamas. Ball State fell to Vermont 73-78  in the first game of the Baha Mar Hoops Nassau Championship Tournament set in the Baha Mar Convention Center in Nassau, Bahamas. 


Sellers has career day as Ball State defeats IU - South Bend

Saturday will last a while for Ball State Men's Basketball and its fans as the Cardinals embark on a 21-day hiatus from Worthen Arena following their win over IU-South Bend 86-72. Ball State (3-1, 0-0 MAC) defeated the Titans (3-4, 1-1 CCAC) 86-72 in an aggressive fight to the finish for their last home game before the Baha Mar Hoops Nassau Championship tournament.

The National Football League logo in the turf. The National Football League was founded in 1920. Jonathan Moreau, photo courtesy

SCOTT: The NFL's new Pro Bowl format will not be popular

January is when all the magic happens and, amid all the NFL playoff games that have me on the edge of my seat filled with suspense and pandemonium, I can sit back, relax and take in a breather with the NFL Pro Bowl. The All-Star Game of the NFL is an amusing occasion that truly allows me to see my favorite players in the league and enjoy them all coming together to create a super team going up against another super team.

Graduate student safety Jaquan Amos poses on the field at Scheumann Stadium Nov. 9. Jacy Bradley, DN

The third destination: Jaquan Amos' journey to Ball State football

For the average person, five years may seem like the blink of an eye. To graduate student safety Jaquan Amos, it has molded him into the man he is today. Ball State is Amos’ third destination in the last five years for his college career. Before making his way to Muncie, he spent a year in Ames, Iowa, with the Iowa State Cyclones, shortly after playing three years in his hometown of Philadelphia with the Villanova Wildcats.

Shoot some hoops on our Basketball Court!

SCOTT: The Potential of Ben Simmons

Now do not get me wrong, I am not stupid; I am well aware of the fact that Ben Simmons is a below-average three-point shooter with a three-point percentage of 14.7 percent. I am also well aware that the majority of Ben Simmons’ career points are from the restricted area/paint where he is effective 61.9 percent of the time.

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