Tt Shinkan

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How to improve YouTube Rewind 2019

12/10/2018 10:33am

From the unknown YouTubers to the Fortnite dances, there was nothing that I loved about this video. So YouTube, if you’re reading this, and chances are you’re not (Because why would you click on a random college publication’s article?), but if by some chance you are, I am throwing my name into the ring for your next hire.

History of: Vampires in media

10/31/2018 4:12pm

Vampires have a long and intricate history in various forms of media. Here's a brief list of some notable stories.

My experience as a female comic geek in hiding

12/04/2018 10:22am

Comic books play a huge role in my life. They’re the reason I love to draw, why I workout, why I try to be the best person I can be. I’ve loved superheros ever since I can remember.

Who’s who in ‘Deadpool 2’

05/23/2018 1:15pm

Deadpool unites a team of mutants called 'X-Force' for his explosive sequel. But, who exactly is on the team?