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Learing from Lyrics: Brothers of Metal’s 'Njord'

02/05/2020 3:24pm

Their song “Njord” is the first single from their upcoming second studio album, Emblas Saga, which is releasing on Jan. 10. The song is a tribute to the Norse god, Njord. Unlike the previous Learning from Lyrics where I went through most of the lyrics and explained the significance of them, I’m only going to include a few lyrics that have significance to Njord’s story or his significance to the Vikings. 

Here's The Tea S2E2 - Nicki's Retirement

09/18/2019 1:23am

Welcome back to this week's episode of Here's The Tea! This week, we discuss the sudden retirement of Nicki Minaj. Also, the recent death of Mac Miller sparks controversy amongst latest court cases. Find out all of this and more on this week's episode of Here's The Tea!

Cryptidbits Special Comeback!

04/01/2019 11:48am

Welcome to Cryptidbits, the podcast all about finding the truth behind the legends that society hides. On this April Fool’s special, we discuss the legends surrounding Indiana. Was Matt really saved by a mud mermaid? Is there a legendary turtle in the state? Find out all this and more on this episode of Cryptidbits!

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