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Input 2 S6E10: Analyzing Stephen King Adaptations

04/13/2019 1:46am

Welcome back to this week's episode of Input 2! With the recent release of Pet Sematary, we take a broader look at the work of Stephen King. How is this horror novel portrayed differently in the film? Find out this and more on this week's episode of Input 2!

Cryptidbits Special Comeback!

04/01/2019 11:48am

Welcome to Cryptidbits, the podcast all about finding the truth behind the legends that society hides. On this April Fool’s special, we discuss the legends surrounding Indiana. Was Matt really saved by a mud mermaid? Is there a legendary turtle in the state? Find out all this and more on this episode of Cryptidbits!

Cardinal Con offers opportunities for fun and learning this weekend

03/29/2019 7:16pm

This weekend, Cardinal Con, an event hosted by Ball State’s Japanese Animation Society, will be held in the Miller College of Business on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The convention is going to be a celebration of all things anime, comics, and gaming. Several groups will be hosting activities and panels. Groups like the Pokémon Trainers Union, Cardinal Esports, and Cartoonists Collaborative will be participating in the event along with many other campus organizations. There will also be a collection of artists displaying and selling their original works at the convention.