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E3 2019: Square Enix Recap

06/11/2019 4:23pm

 Major publishers having official press conferences has been a thing for a while now, with Ubisoft, EA, and even Bethesda all having their own elaborate (and generally awful) shows. One of the major players, however, has been struggling to really find a method that works: Square-Enix. Their first appearance had an awkward, stilted presser where all of their major reveals had already been done the day prior at Sony’s press conference. Last year, Square-Enix delivered a show that was shorter than the entirety of the ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ showcase, where they showed off titles we’ve known about for a long time, games that were announced with a logo and vague hand gestures, and, of course, ‘The Quiet Man’. 

E3 2019: Microsoft Recap

06/09/2019 8:06pm

 As this generation of consoles winds down, the last couple E3’s are usually fairly tame. The big three companies will all hold their cards and wait to see how they can one-up their competition and capitalize on their mistakes. As such, with both Sony and EA stepping away from a formal conference this year, E3 feels surprisingly empty this year. It’s likely that next year will be the one where Sony announces the PS5, waiting until it’s ready to ship. 

Input 2 S6E12: The End of an Era

05/04/2019 1:19am

MAJOR SPOILERS: Welcome to the last Input 2 for this semester! This week, we discuss the legacy of superhero films and how Avengers: Endgame fits within this genre. How did the Marvel cinematic universe originate? Will these films ever end? Find out this and more on this week's episode of Input 2!

How It's Played S3E9: Study Reveals Gender Stereotypes

05/03/2019 11:53pm

Welcome to the last How It’s Played episode for this semester! We are discussing a recent Norway study, where it said that girls are negatively impacted by games. Is this study valid? How does this play into the greater gender perspectives in the gaming community? Find out this and more on this week’s episode of How It’s Played!

Input 2 S6E9: Disney out of Ideas?

04/04/2019 2:50pm

Welcome to this week's episode of Input 2! Recently, Disney has been releasing its classic films as live action remakes. Are these pure cash grabs or are these meant for bring life to classics? Find out this and more on this week's episode of Input 2!