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Input2S8E5- To All The Stars That Ever Warred

Welcome back podcasters! In a galaxy far far away, Input 2 is discussing what makes Star Wars so addictive to watch- especially during a time of isolation. What projects do we want to see produced now that the Skywalker story is over? How could the overall franchise become more entertaining in general? All that and more on this week's "out of this world" episode of Input2!  Hosts: Tanner Kinney, Kellyn Harrison, and Nick Black Edited by: Shwetha Sundarrajan Graphic by: Kellyn Harrison


Input2 S8E4- Binge-watching Debunked

Welcome back Podcasters! With everybody in isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this week we are debunking the act of binge-watching! Why is binging so satisfying? What are we currently binge-watching? What do we suggest you binge? Find all this out and more in this week's episode of Input2! Hosts: Tanner Kinney, Emily Worrell, Katherine Simon, and OK Schlatter Edited by: Kellyn Harrison  Graphic by: Tyler Westman


Input 2 S8E3- How Isekai Animation is Engulfing Entertainment

  Hello, film fanatics! Welcome back to another episode of Input 2! This week we identify and discuss the slow engulfment of Isekai Animation in the Entertainment Industry. What are some great Isekai films in the industry? What are some that could be improved? What are we expecting for the future of isekai animation? Find all this our and more in this week's episode of Input 2! Hosts: Tanner Kinney and Katherine Simon Edited by: OK Schlatter Graphic by: Malia Hutton


Input2 S8E2- Academy Award-winning Movie 'Parasite' is an Eye-opening Outlook on Class Divide

Welcome to a new episode of InPut2! Spoiler Warning! This episode, we dissect the Academy Award-winning movie 'Parasite' and share our reactions to the movie's Best Picture win. Were there other films that deserved the title more? Does the film truly portray its theme up to par? What was the overall quality of the film in general? How does the film compare to other movies that cover the class divide? Get your answers and so much more in this divided episode of InPut2!  Hosted by: Tanner Kinney, Jack Gillespie, and Mason Kupiainen  Edited by: Kellyn Harrison Graphic by: Katy Szpak


Remixed S5E4- Anti-Love Music for This Post-Valentine's Day Season

Welcome back to another episode of Remixed! Since there was love in the air last weekend, we talked about love songs and anti-love songs in the music industry today. Plus, some albums that have been made out of the notion of love. What have been some of our favorites? How have they shaped the notion of love in music? Find the answers to these and more in this week's episode of Remixed! Hosts: Jack Gillespie, Tanner Kinney, and Katherine Simon Edited by: Tanner Kinney Graphic by: Katy Szpak


7 terrible Adam Sandler movie ideas to optimally punish the Academy

So, now that the Oscars are over and done with, Sandler’s Uncut Gems didn’t just not get nominated for Best Picture, it didn’t get nominated for anything. The film got, as they say, “snubbed”. Which means we are in the timeline where Sandler is going to craft the worst Adam Sandler film possible. If he’s reading this right now, I’m going to offer some of the greatest terrible Adam Sandler film ideas I can come up with. All I ask is a little bit of credit as a treat, and some royalty checks. It’s a fair exchange for these high quality films, trust me.


InPut2 S8E1- Videogame Movies?

  Hello, movie fanatics and welcome to a new season of InPut2! With the upcoming release of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' we're going to talk about modern video game movies. What does it take to make a great video game movie? How do our thoughts compare to what we've already seen? Get your answers to these questions and more in this season premiere of InPut2! Hosts: Tanner Kinney, Katherine Simon, and Mason Kupiainen  Edited by: OK Schlatter  Thumbnail by: Malia Hutton


Agree to Disagree: How much Fire Emblem is too much?

After a controversial character decision for Smash Ultimate, fans everywhere have been raving about what this means for the game. Some can agree that Byleth was a good addition while others have a more cynical viewpoint. Blake and Tanner break down what Byleth means for Smash and how this changes the game. 

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