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2019 Game Awards nominees announced

11/19/2019 8:33pm

In a livestream event on November 19, The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley announced the nominees for the sixth annual award show. 

History Of: Joker

10/31/2019 2:26pm

The Joker represents all sides of the quintessential antagonist with as much style and grace as you can expect from an unhinged clown with a knack for dark comedy. Throughout his expansive comic book, television, and cinematic history he has evolved from a trickster knocking off rich businessmen to a relentless terrorist focused on gutting Gotham from the inside out.

Odds and Ends: A freshman year fable

09/06/2019 9:11am

As I begin my second year at Ball State it is clear to me now that these stressors never truly evaporate, but that does not mean tactics to repress them are nonexistent. So for any freshman out there currently flying by the seat of their pants without a semester plan, you are not alone. Relax, sit up straight and do not take this advice with a grain of salt, it might just save your education or even your health.

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