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How It's Played S3E4: Bowser Takes Over Nintendo

03/24/2019 2:12pm

Welcome to this week's episode of How It's Played! This week we are discussing the recent change in leadership at our family friendly, and fan favorite company, Nintendo. Reggie Fils-Aime recently decided to retire from being Nintendo's President. How will this affect the company and what will happen from here on out? All of this and more on this week's episode of How It's Played.

Cardinal Esports looks to bring athletic collegiate gaming to Ball State

03/21/2019 6:57pm

 An international pastime with over a billion dollars in annual revenue, an audience of 380 million spectators and 588 major events across the world is impressive on its own. When considering that this sport’s athletes compete in front of computer monitors, hands gripped to keyboards and mice, it sounds like something out of an Orson Scott Card novel. However, throughout Asia, North America and Europe, esports have become a reality for millions of fans. 

The Oscars are facing certain doom, here's how to fix it

02/24/2019 7:27pm

It was not a very positive 2018 for the Academy, which included hosts stepping down, backlash about whatever that “popular film” category was supposed to be and the decision to not honor some of the most integral members of the filmmaking process. Controversy aside, the program has also been losing viewership consistently over the last five years. With some fresh ideas and a couple risks, the Oscars could be well on their way back into the spotlight.

Inside the ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ pop-up shop in Disney Springs

01/14/2019 10:38am

In preparation for the highly anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on December 29, Disney Parks has opened a pop-up shop in their lakefront shopping center Disney Springs. The small store is located in the heart of Disney Springs and features plenty of memorabilia along with a 15-minute demo of the new installment in the franchise. I recently traveled to Orlando around Christmas to visit family and luckily got the chance to experience the store and all it had to offer.

‘DUMMY BOY’ stands with unbalanced, crooked legs

12/09/2018 5:23pm

There are many aspects of 6ix9ine’s music that work for a very niche  audience. Unfortunately, that fact is proven time and time again when  listening to his first studio album and its lack of strong originality.  If this happens to be the last we hear of 6ix9ine in the foreseeable  future, DUMMY BOY is not the caliber of work he should be remembered by. 

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