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E3 cancelled due to coronavirus

03/13/2020 3:41pm

Amid growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus, the Entertainment Software Association has officially cancelled E3 2020. 

More than just brawlers: these are the cutest ‘Smash Ultimate’ characters

02/14/2020 3:54pm

Over its 20-year history, Smash Bros. has gone beyond a simple fighting game. Smash Bros. brings Nintendo icons to a celebration of gaming history that transcends anything Masahiro Sakurai had originally envisioned. There is no other franchise where global phenomenons like Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and even Metal Gear Solid can all cross paths and present a small piece of their historical influence. Truly, Super Smash Bros. is the most ambitious crossover of all time. So with a new roster addition arriving to the Switch, we decided to take a look at the current selection of characters and decide which of these fighters could also win on the runway.

Panda Global release Fall 2019 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ratings; MKLeo remains at top of competition

02/12/2020 4:48pm

The newest list comprises input from the Panda Global stats team and prominent members of the smash community along with results from 81 major competitions between July and December 2019. These include events like Super Smash Con, Shine, 2GG: Kongo Saga, and EVO. Placing is determined by comparing player wins, losses, and outplacings of other PGR-eligible players which is all scaled based on the size of each event. 

Agree to Disagree: How much Fire Emblem is too much?

02/04/2020 9:19pm

After a controversial character decision for Smash Ultimate, fans everywhere have been raving about what this means for the game. Some can agree that Byleth was a good addition while others have a more cynical viewpoint. Blake and Tanner break down what Byleth means for Smash and how this changes the game. 

Redditor fixes 4-year-old netcode issue in ‘Street Fighter V’

01/24/2020 11:42am

  The modder, who goes by ‘Altimor’ on Reddit, posted the fix on January 9 to /r/StreetFighter with a download link along with source code and instructions. They cite the bugs of Street Fighter V’s online mode along with Capcom’s negligence as the key reasons behind coming up with a solution. Other players are not required to have the solution downloaded, but it is still possible for one-sided rollback to occur on their end if they do not have it.

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