Finding solace in The Wonderlands’ ‘This Digital Life’

Listeners will find much to enjoy when facing The Wonderlands’ first album, 'This Digital Life.' With inspirations from The Lumineers, The Wallows, and Mumford & Sons, The Wonderlands know how to capture that essence of what it means to be young and lost in an ever-changing digital world. 


A cry for help: How Juice Wrld is changing the rap industry

Rap. A genre born within the 1970s block parties of New York City by blending funk, soul, and disco. A genre hailed for its wordplay, punchlines, complexity, and “real” lyrics. Artists like Tupac and Biggie preach systematic issues like racism, class divide, drugs, etc. However, anybody unacquainted with the genre will tell you it glamorizes sex, violence, anarchy, and drugs. As this may have been true within the past couple of years, I think a light has been slowly growing right under our noses. A light that was almost snuffed out on Dec. 8, 2019, but has prospered above all. That light is Juice Wrld. 

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