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A “Scream” of a horror movie

Coming from a self-aware legacy of classics, Scream VI slashes its way to theaters with gripping horror and traditional Scream meta-ness. With new and returning cast members, the film serves as a slasher standard.

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'Halloween Ends' on a pleasantly good note

Despite a poor leadoff from Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends surprises with quality characters and classic scares. Outside of an underwhelming final showdown, Halloween Ends is a solid pick for spooky season. 

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The 'Monster High' movie is a movie, and it does exist

Monster High is certainly a film. Acting as the second reboot to the popular doll line, the film does very little for its source material. With poorly developed characters, a half forgotten plot, and abandoned themes, Monster High: The Movie falls short of its popular legacy.

'Scream' is a too self-aware wannabe of the original

The phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” has never rung truer than it does now. In the day and age where every good classic film has to be revived with multitudes of sequels and prequels, and no one can just let a franchise die, I find myself pleading — why Scream

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'Halloween Kills'...my vibe

Michael Myers' latest cinematic outing adds more gore to the bloody history of the Halloween franchise, but ultimately leaves more questions than answers for fans.