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About Byte

As part of Ball State University's award-winning College of Communication, Information, and Media, Byte is a student-run, multimedia coalition operating out of Ball State University's Unified Media Lab. Byte is dedicated to providing the best in entertainment and pop culture-related content. Byte achieves this excellence in the form of regularly produced news, reviews, features, graphics, podcasts, and videos. Many members of the Byte staff have received awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Gold Circle awards for individual podcasts, reviews, graphics, features, and opinion pieces. Byte was also a recipient of the CSPA's 2019 Silver Crown Award and CSPA's 2020 Gold Crown Award in the Digital General Magazine category.

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Editorial Staff

Sydni Wiseman—Editor-in-Chief

Sydni Wiseman is a senior journalism mass communication major who is minoring in professional writing and fashion. Sydni is leading Byte as editor-in-chief this year, while also writing feature articles, copy editing, and being an occasional guest on podcasts. She is passionate about Byte because it provides a platform for anyone to talk about something they are passionate about. Outside of Byte, Sydni writes copy for Compass Advantage, with the Ball State College of Sciences and Humanities. She also enjoys reading, cooking, thrifting, roller skating, drinking chai lattes, and listening to Taylor Swift. After graduation she hopes to move to a bigger city and become a copy editor or a copywriter for a publication or brand.

Savannah Baird—Managing Editor

Savannah Baird is a senior photojournalism major.  Savannah is leading as Byte’s managing editor this year, as well as writing reviews and taking photos. Her favorite parts of Byte are the opportunities it has provided her and the friendships she has developed within the organization. Outside of Byte, Savannah is Secretary of the Ball State National Press Photographers Association chapter, a direct support professional for Developmental Services Inc., occasionally travels to Camp Atterbury and Fort Knox to do coverage there, and is a huge fan of the Halloween movie franchise. After graduation, she plans to move closer to home and begin a career as a military photojournalist or a PAO.

Emma Fullen—Director of Recruitment and Engagement

Emma Fullen is a senior magazine media journalism major with a minor in theater. Emma is currently the director of recruitment and engagement for Byte, she has also been the associate and senior reviews editor. Aside from Byte Emma is a Digital Content Fellow at Ball State Public Media, she also likes to volunteer and raise her two kittens. Emma’s favorite thing about Byte is the unexpected connections and friendships she has developed. After graduation she hopes to pursue traveling, storytelling and community engagement through creative outlets. 

Bernadette Harding—Features Editor

Bernadette Harding is a senior theater acting major who is minoring in French. This is Bernadette’s second year as the Senior Features Editor. She loves reading and editing feature articles and to discover more about the feature writers and their niche areas of interest through their writing. It allows her to get to know the writers in her section better and through a different lens. Outside of Byte, Bernadette is an active part of the Ball State Theater and Dance Department, works at the David Owsley Museum of Art, and enjoys drinking tea and posting about it on her tea Instagram account @quar.anteatime. After graduation she hopes to move to New York City and work as an actor and freelance writer.

Rosie Mitchell—Senior Social Media Director

Rosie Mitchell is a sophomore journalism major with a concentration in mass communication and minors in communication studies, American sign language, and anthropology.  Rosie is currently Byte’s senior social media editor, and she also writes features and reviews, and is involved in graphics and videos. Her favorite things about Byte are the community within the organization and the high level of collaboration. Outside of Byte Rosie is involved in Martial Arts Club, Judo Club, the Residential Housing Team, and is a manager at Papa John’s. Her hobbies include roller skating, crafting, reading, exercising, music, and visiting museums. After graduation Rosie plans to build a social media or web content managing career for a company or non-profit organization. She would also like to teach and maintain a variety of groups around her. 

Annika Sharlow—Associate Social Media Director

Annika Sharlow is a sophomore double majoring in strategic communication: advertising and public relations, with a minor in digital media. Annika is Byte’s associate social media editor as well as a member of the photojournalism section. Her favorite part of Byte is the sense of community and the opportunities to do interesting things. Outside of Byte Annika is involved with History Club, Ball Bearings Magazine, the Student Honors Council, News & Notes, and the Swing Dance Society. After graduation she hopes to work in non profit or governmental communications. 

Elijah Wachs—Senior Reviews Editor

Elijah Wachs is a junior film and media studies major minoring in ceramics. Aside from being Byte’s senior reviews editor Elijah is also involved in Byte’s video section, the Ceramics Guild, and loves video games, D&D, and watching movies. Elijah’s favorite thing about Byte is the people involved and he hopes to begin a career in production or writing after graduation.

Abbey Dissette—Associate Reviews Editor

Abbey Dissette is a junior with a major in media and a minor in screenwriting. Abbey is Byte’s associate reviews editor and her favorite part of Byte is being able to meet new people. Outside of Byte, Abbey runs an Etsy shop where she writes letters to people as their favorite character. Abbey loves to read, write and paint in her spare time. After graduation she hopes to have a career on a writers panel for TV or film. 

Riley Nower—Senior Videos Editor

Riley is a sophomore video production media major with a minor in film and screenwriting. Riley is Byte’s senior videos editor as well as a member of the reviews section. Riley’s favorite part about Byte is gaining experience and learning new skills. Aside from Byte Riley likes to crochet, watch TV, and hang out with friends. After graduation she hopes to write scripts for TV or film.

Ryan Minter—Associate Videos Editor

Ryan Minter is a junior production media major with a minor in creative writing. Ryan is Byte’s associate videos editor as well as a member of reviews, features, and social media. Ryan’s favorite part of Byte is learning skills that he cannot learn in a classroom. Aside from Byte he enjoys playing video games, reading, and working with video editing software. After graduation Ryan plans to work in video post production. 

Aaron Picklesimer—Podcasts Editor

Aaron Picklesimer is a second year creative writing major with a minor in film screenwriting. Aaron is Byte’s current senior podcast editor as well as a reviews section member. His favorite thing about byte is the community and fun nature of what Byte does. Outside of Byte Aaron enjoys playing D&D and other video games, as well as playing the guitar. After graduation Aaron plans to become a fantasy author like J.R.R Tolkien or Brandon Sanderson. 

Victoria Johnson—Photos Editor

Victoria Johnson is a senior majoring in photojournalism with a minor in foundations of business, as well as being a part of the Honors College. Victoria is in her second year as Byte’s photo editor and her favorite thing about it is the freedom she has to be creative and see things other people don’t see. Aside from Byte, Victoria is President of the Ball State National Press Photographers Association chapter. Her hobbies include reading, baking, being creative, playing board games, bible study, spending time with friends, her boyfriend and her cats, Mr. Smee and Beanup. After graduation Victoria hopes to become a photography studio owner and a mom.