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About Byte

As part of Ball State University's award-winning College of Communication, Information, and Media, Byte is a student-run, multimedia coalition operating out of Ball State University's Unified Media Lab. Byte is dedicated to providing the best in entertainment and pop culture-related content. Byte achieves this excellence in the form of regularly produced news, reviews, features, graphics, podcasts, and videos. Many members of the Byte staff have received awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Gold Circle awards for individual podcasts, reviews, graphics, features, and opinion pieces. Byte was also a recipient of the CSPA's 2019 Silver Crown Award and CSPA's 2020 Gold Crown Award in the Digital General Magazine category.

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Editorial Staff

Kellyn Harrison- Editor-in-Chief

Kellyn Harrison is a junior journalism and telecommunications news major minoring in Spanish and Political Science. Harrison is also working towards her master’s degree in emerging media, design, and development while finishing her bachelor’s degree. Harrison is leading Byte as editor-in-chief for the second year while writing features and reviews, copy editing, shooting photos, hosting podcasts, and managing Byte’s social media page. Harrison has enjoyed shaping Byte into what it is today and helping the members/editors of Byte flourish by exploring their interests, expressing such interests through journalism, and honing their skills in the process. Outside of Byte, Harrison writes for the Daily News, freelances for the Herald-Journal, and volunteers through Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. After graduation, Harrison hopes to continue writing or work as a press secretary once completing her Spring 2022 press secretary internship at the Indiana State Senate. 

Arianna Sergio- Managing Editor

Arianna Sergio is a senior magazine media major minoring in creative writing and theatre. Sergio leads as Byte’s Managing Editor, writes features and reviews, and copy-edits. Sergio’s favorite things about Byte are the people and atmosphere. She said everyone really plays well into their entertainment and pop culture aspects because they make talking about these topics fun! Besides Byte, Sergio is also the Managing Editor of Ball Bearings. After graduation, Sergio wants to be a regular writer for a magazine and then work her way up to section editor, managing editor, and finally editor-in-chief. Her absolute dream job is to work for Rolling Stone Magazine

Bernadette Harding- Senior Features Editor

Bernadette Harding is a junior acting major minoring in french. This is Harding’s first year as the Senior Features Editor. She writes for features and enjoys being a part of the Byte community. As an acting major, Harding’s favorite part about Byte is storytelling through another medium. She enjoys being able to read and work collaboratively with her peers on new, stimulating stories. Outside of Byte Harding can be found performing in Ball State theater productions and sharing her love of tea with anyone who will listen! In the future, she hopes to incorporate this new passion of journalism into her life and studies. 

Annie Bastian- Social Director and Associate Features Editor

Annie Bastian is a senior public relations major minoring in business. Other than being Byte’s Social Media Director and Associate Features Editor, Bastian writes features, copy-edits, and partakes in a variety of Byte projects when they arise. Bastian believes Byte gives her the opportunity to talk about what she loves and venture into new territories of coverage that she had never thought of before. Outside of Byte, Bastian is involved in PRSSA, McKinley Avenue, and Circle K. 

Blake Chapman- Senior Reviews Editor

Blake Chapman is a senior journalism news major minoring in Japanese. While writing, hosting podcasts, and editing videos, Chapman leads Byte as the Senior Reviews Editor. Chapman initially joined Byte because of its focus on cultivating an enthusiastic community of talented writers and producers that love all things entertainment. He has stuck with Byte because of his mission to push this stellar group of people to new heights and present lofty aspirations for the future of Unified Media at Ball State. Outside of Byte, Chapman works for Indiana Public Radio, Cardinal Compass, and Newslink Indiana. Chapman plans to work in content creation or production at a major media outlet, showcasing the beauty and importance of video games and other interactive entertainment in the modern world.

Emma Fullen- Associate Reviews Editor

Emma Fullen is a junior magazine media major minoring in theatre. This is Fullen’s first year in the Journalism College as well as being involved in Byte. She currently writes for features and reviews and serves as the Associate Reviews Editor. Fullen’s favorite part of Byte is the community it fosters and the unlimited learning opportunities it provides. Outside of Byte, Fullen is enjoying the process of exploring her new major, discovering her niche and finding the time to read the book that’s been on her nightstand for weeks. In the future, she plans on traveling the world, meeting new people and writing about her experiences in hopes of encouraging the celebration of our differences and similarities.

Aaron Dwyer- Senior Videos Editor

Sam Shipe- Senior Podcast Editor

Sam Shipe is a senior journalism and telecommunications major minoring in Spanish and marketing. Sam leads as Byte’s Senior Podcast Editor while hosting Remixed, writing features and reviews, and working on the videos team. Shipe loves how there are no borders between sections in Byte. The members are able to collaborate or try new things to become better journalists, entertainers, editors, etc. Shipe has interned at the Daily News during the summer. Outside of Byte, Shipe continues to write for The Daily News and plays for the Ball State Quidditch League. After school, Shipe wants to work for a media company and work his way up to become some form of personality, either behind a microphone or in front of a camera.

Victoria Johnson- Senior Photojournalism Editor

Victoria Johnson is a junior double majoring in photo and magazine journalism with a minor in foundations of business. Johnson aspires to either be an editor at a magazine or own her own photography studio. Other than being Byte’s Senior Photojournalism Editor, Johnson is president of the National Press Photographers Association and a freelancer for Ball Bearings and Daily News. Johnson loves the lighthearted atmosphere of Byte. She believes it is unique and ideal for the college setting because you can be creative and try new things with journalism. 

Savannah Baird- Associate Photojournalism Editor

Savannah Baird is a junior photojournalism major minoring in American Sign Language. Baird leads as Byte’s Associate Photojournalism Editor and writes features and reviews. Outside of Byte, Baird is Secretary of the Ball State National Press Photographers Association chapter. After graduation, Baird hopes to be an editor in print news. 

Emily Hanes- Creative Director

Emily Hanes is a senior journalism graphics major minoring in sociology, professional writing, and emerging media. Hanes is one of Byte’s Creative Directors and design team members. Outside of Byte, Hanes is part of Ball Bearings, Kappa Delta Sorority, and the National Association for Hispanic Journalists. Hanes plans to continue design leadership in the future by aspiring to become the creative director for a publication and work as a graphic designer. 

Taylor Sheridan- Creative Director

Taylor Sheridan is a senior photojournalism major minoring in fashion and sociology. Sheridan is one of Byte’s Creative Directors and graphic designers. Outside of Byte, Sheridan is involved in the Fashion Merchandising Association, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and tutors at the Ball State Writing Center. After graduation, Sheridan would like to explore ways storytelling can affect communities and perceptions, as well as combine her skills in design, photography, and fashion. 

Sydni Wiseman- Senior Copy-editing Director

Sydni Wiseman is a junior journalism mass communications major minoring in professional writing. Wiseman is Byte’s Senior Copy Editor and enjoys Byte because there is something for everyone; anyone can join and find something they like to do. Outside of Byte, Wiseman is a copy editor for Ball Bearings. After graduation, Wiseman plans to become a copy editor or a copywriter for a publication or brand.

Savannah Jordan- Associate Copy-editing Director

Savannah Jordan is a sophomore magazine media journalism major with minors in criminal justice and digital media. Jordan hopes to one day work in investigative journalism or digital communications. While copy-editing, Jordan also writes feature articles for Byte. Her favorite story she has written is "One lesson I have learned from my six favorite teen dramas".