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Input 2 S7E2 - Tall Girl In A Small World

09/19/2019 1:20am

Welcome to this week's episode of Input 2! This week, we cover the latest Netflix release, "Tall Girl." While the premise does is unique, does it live up to Netflix's constant advertising of its greatness? Find out all of this and more on Input 2!

Predicting the new Smash characters

08/22/2019 2:30pm

Arguably the biggest crossover event in all of gaming, many people are excited to see which of their favorite video game characters will make their way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While there are some people who get way too heated over which characters make it in or not, there’s something incredibly fun about trying to guess which beloved gaming icons will make the cut while also seeing what kind of unexpected fighters Sakurai and his team will throw at us next. With the first two DLC fighters of Smash Ultimate being candidates that nobody would’ve expected, Piranha Plant and Persona 5’s Joker, it seems like just about anything goes when it comes to who could be potential candidates.

Behind the redesign of 'Sonic the Hedgehog'

08/26/2019 12:14pm

I’m sure by now you’ve already heard about the backlash the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been receiving lately, most notably for Sonic’s uncanny design. Ever since the design was initially leaked, everyone and their mother has been tearing this naked man-hog apart. The mockery only increased when the trailer dropped just a few days ago and we finally saw Sonic with realistic human teeth and the proportions of a weird toddler-adult hybrid. Even Byte’s own Tanner Kinney couldn’t help but join in on the Roast of Sonic, and we’ll be following up on his thoughts with this feature.