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03/11/2019 12:40pm

There are already a lot of opinions about the three newest additions to the Pokédex. That is why, at this point, it only makes sense to pit them against the other generations’ starter Pokémon. Since we are unsure how these three will fare competitively, the rankings will be based on appearance.

Input 2 S6E4: Rent Due on Input 2

02/22/2019 7:17pm

Welcome to this week’s episode of Input 2! We discuss Fox’s Rent Live and how it compares to its movie and stage predecessors. How did this movie handle the topics of AIDs and LGBT representation? Find out this and more on this week’s episode of Input 2!

Riot Games faces lawsuit over sexist workplace conditions

11/12/2018 11:05am

Female employees regularly belittled at staff meetings. Women promised pay raises and promotions that were given to male coworkers. Women made fun of and sexually objectified. According to a lawsuit filed in early November, these and other more egregious claims are being brought against Riot Games in a class action suit alleging the company and it’s top management created a workplace environment which fosters a culture of sexism and discrimination toward women.