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Here's The Tea S1E2 - Kodak Black Fame Issues?

05/06/2019 2:26pm

Welcome to this semester finale of Here’s The Tea! This week, we discuss how Kodak Black has gotten into trouble after abandoning a concert. Also, is Prince William cheating on his wife? Find out all of this and more on this week’s episode of Here’s the Tea!

Here's The Tea S1E1: Ariana Grande goes to Coachella

04/26/2019 2:31am

Welcome to the premiere of Here's The Tea! For this week's episode, we discuss the music headliner at Coachella. Also, why is Kim Kardashian going into law? Find out this and more on this premiere of Here's The Tea!

Ball State alum creates Tinder for streaming services

04/17/2019 6:03pm

Dinggo makes deciding what to watch on streaming services easier by using an algorithm similar to Tinder. Users can select what streaming services they use, narrow down by the genre they are in the mood for, and then can swipe through to decide what sounds interesting and what doesn't. Once user feel they have swiped through enough options, they can then see a list of all the shows or movies they felt looked interesting. Dinggo also has an option where groups can swipe together and a list showing what everyone in the group wants to watch will be made.

Trail blazers for deaf representation

04/02/2019 3:14pm

While representation for deaf people in the media could be much better, there are several deaf people who have been representing the community very well.