'Destiny 2': A world without light shines in gameplay and storytelling

On September 6, 2017 Bungie released Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release on October 24. Thanks to a newly placed – and much needed – focus on storytelling, Destiny 2provides players with an engaging conflict in humanity’s fight for the future against their newest threat: the Red Legion. Along the way there’s exotic worlds to explore, aggressive aliens to fight, powerful loot to grab, and an abundance of quests to supplement the fight against the Red Legion. 


'It' floats above the original mini-series

Let’s face it (hah), the popularity of the 1990 mini-series is highly reliant on nostalgia. The problem with nostalgia is that it blinds people to the faults of the content they love. So when it was announced that It would be receiving a remake, many fans were skeptical. Tim Curry is a hard act to follow, and many fans were worried that the remake wouldn’t measure up to the original they love. Luckily, that’s not the case.


Input 2 S3E1: We all float down here

In this episode, we look at the biggest horror movie in the theaters right now, It. What makes this film better or different than other recent horror movies? Why are children such an important part of horror movies as a whole? how does this film compare to the 1990 Tim Curry mini-series? What do we want from the inevitable sequel? All this and more on this episode of Input 2!


"Undertale":Two years of drama, passion, and fanworks

Today marks the two year anniversary of Undertale’s release. Featuring various endings, Undertale begins with the player falling into the Underground inhabited by monsters. The player must find a way to return to the human world. Along the way the player will meet interesting characters, battle various monsters, and solve puzzles to return home. The simple premise that separates Undertalefrom other RPGs? The player does not have to kill anyone. Everything comes down to choice. For those who have not yet played Undertale, saying anything more about the plot would be a huge disservice. 


Fall Out Boy releases new song and announces the Fall Out Boy Fund

This morning, Chicago based rock group, Fall Out Boy, released the newest single off their upcoming album MANIA. The song, “The Last of the Real Ones” is the third single to be released in promotion of their seventh studio album, which was originally going to be released this month but has been pushed back until January 19th. 


PewDiePie used a racial slur on livestream. Is he a liability for YouTube?

Now YouTube’s biggest star has made headlines again for using a racial epithet. Not only have YouTubers such as Matt Collins of Nerd3, “Angry” Joe Vargus, Danny O’Dwyer, and more condemned Felix for his words and actions as of late; some like Jim Sterling have even started claiming that PewDiePie is a liability for everyone else who uses YouTube to obtain their income because of his new racist image. 


iPhone X: Specs and details

After a litany of iPhones all bearing incremental numbers, Apple has decided to skip the iPhone 9 and reveal the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone ten”) at the same time. 


'The Witches' Tea Party' casts a spell that captures attention

The game was published by Rabbiton and developed with RPG Maker and is a casual indie game that is story driven, and sets out on a short but absorbing plot filled with the drama of each witch’s past. There is no combat; the game is mainly based around puzzles, small detective segments, and storytelling. It’s cute, and sometimes very creepy. 


Worldwide drone database could be coming

In the US alone, drone enthusiasts put up such a fight against the Federal Aviation Admission that the FAA eventually repealed it's law requiring drones to be entered in a national registry, after only a year and a half. 

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