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Revisiting an essential album: Kid Cudi's 'Man on the Moon'

On Sept. 14, 2009, Kid Cudi gave the world a vibrant, psychedelic tour of his mind and his lifelong struggle with mental illness. Now, ten years and several albums later, Cudi’s breakout concept album Man on the Moon: End of the Day remains as essential, fresh, and moving as ever.


Frog Baby Film Festival 2018 recap review

There were no duds at Frog Baby Film Festival 2018. From top to bottom, the lineup of short films was full of clever and enjoyable submissions in a wide range of genres and styles. The cowboy westerns, action and horror films, and dystopian comedies made it impossible to know what to expect next, and that’s not even to mention the categories for documentaries and music videos. The only thing these films had in common was that they all showcased the undeniable talent of Ball State’s own home-brewed filmmaking community.


Best unheard of Halloween movies: ‘The City of the Dead’ offers a one-way trip to not-quite Salem

1960 was a remarkable year for horror movies with iconic titles like Psycho, Eyes Without a Face, and The Little Shop of Horrors as well as strong adaptations of Poe and some delightful B-movie fare. One such film, The City of the Dead, is an interesting case as it toes the line between kitschy genre piece and compelling, unsettling “what if” about modern witchcraft. 


Did the Streamys neglect up-and-coming YouTubers?

These award winners have more in common with the traditional studio production model than with the innovative, accessible spirit of online video. These productions are not bad or in the wrong by any stretch of the imagination – they simply don’t align with The Streamy’s stated creator-centric intentions. 

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