How It's Played S2E4: Game Leaks for the People

Welcome back to this week's episode of How It's Played. On this episode we are discussing leaks in the gaming world and all that surrounds them. As a consumer, you look forward to leaks so you know what to expect, but as a creator, it can be devastating. How are these leaks happening? Do they help or hurt or the game/company? What do they mean for you? All of this and more on this week's episode of How It's Played.


How It's Played S2E3- Razer Phones Take Mobile Gaming to a Whole New Level

In this week's episode of How It's Played, we are discussing Razer's new phone and all of its fun specs. With phones like this coming to the market, what does this mean for mobile gaming? Could the phone market start to realize the potential for higher technology in phones for the casual gamer? All of this and more on this week's episode of How It's Played.


Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2018 recap

Last year’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference was marked by the announcement of the Homepod as well as a new configuration of the 10.5 inch iPad, updates to the Macbook line and the all new iMac Pro. This year’s WWDC 2018 has taken a much more software-focused approach. 


Ball State students participate in 2018 AT&T IoT Civic Hackathon

Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 20th and ending at 5 p.m. the next day, eight Ball State student competed in the annual AT&T IoT Civic Hackathon. The event had teams developing Internet of Things devices to improve certain professions. This year’s profession was first responders. 


Standing up to Logan Paul: An interview with ‘Toyooka’ director Jeremy Rubier

While Logan Paul’s videos are so often associated with negativity, Rubier has channeled that negativity into positivity through Toyooka. The rise of vlogs has lowered viewer expectations and caused audiences to accept an environment where their media literacy is left unchallenged. Directors like Rubier who travel the world in hopes to capture beauty and meaning now face difficulty in combating these new lowered standards.


Hoosier tech CEO warns of Indiana’s future as a tech-friendly city in an open letter to the state

Josh Driver, CEO of tech start-up and the man behind Open for Service, released “an open letter to the state of Indiana,” in response to the state’s failure to pass a hate crime bill in the form of Senate Bill 418. Indiana remains one of five states without such a bill, which increases the penalties for crimes influenced by the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


Why 2017 was a garbage fire

The list of why 2017 was a horrible, terrible, no good year is a long one, but excluding natural disasters and national embarrassments, I narrowed it down to five things that contributed to 2017’s particular brand of rankness.

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