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Who’s who in ‘Deadpool 2’

05/23/2018 1:15pm

Deadpool unites a team of mutants called 'X-Force' for his explosive sequel. But, who exactly is on the team?

The history of Fifty Shades of Grey

02/12/2018 5:05pm

From fanfiction to a movie trilogy, the history of Fifty Shades of Grey is surprisingly inspiring. How one person can be inspired by something they love and create something equally successful, no matter the subject, is amazing. 

Trump bashes Emmys - Checkpoint

09/21/2017 9:06pm

Matt and Tt are back with Checkpoint to give you the latest updates in the entertainment world! Trump recently took to twitter once again to bash the Emmy awards for having less than stellar ratings this past weekend. Also, Donald Glover and Julia Louis Dreyfus won Emmy's as well, so it's not all bad!