Natasha Leland

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Spring-like temps on the way

02/28/2020 3:20pm

Weather Forecaster Natasha Leland has information about warmer temperatures and rain on the way. 

Bright future for the weekend

02/21/2020 3:27pm

Weather Forecaster Natasha Leland has the updates on a warm and sunny weekend and the upcoming wet work week cool-down. 

Cold and snowy weekend ahead

02/07/2020 7:26pm

Weather Forecaster Natasha Leland is here to give you updates on the cold temps and snow chances expected this weekend. 

Sun hiding this week

11/19/2019 1:29pm

Forecaster Natasha Leland has an update for chances of rain and when the sun will come out of hiding.

Cooler temps ahead

11/05/2019 12:59pm

Forecaster Natasha Leland has the latest about cooler temperatures and possible snow showers coming this week.