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Snow and cold throughout the week

02/25/2020 7:54pm

Rain will transition to snow late tonight, but temperatures will likely impact the amount of snowfall different regions will receive. 

Snow on the way

02/11/2020 7:44pm

Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle times out the upcoming snow and changing conditions in the following week. 

Snow and rain on the way

01/28/2020 7:43pm

Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle has your update on when the clouds will break and snow on the way. 

Muncie community responds to Red for Ed

11/20/2019 12:08am

The Red for Ed teacher rally happened today at the state house in Indianapolis. As hundreds of schools closed across the state, Muncie Community Schools remained open.

Rain on the way

11/15/2019 7:17pm

Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle has your update on rain chances and changing temperatures throughout the week.