Rain on the way

Tonight: It's looking to be a cloudy evening tonight, with temperatures lingering around 30. There's going to be a slight breeze that will make it a little chilly this evening, but there shouldn't be any showers or snow going into the weekend. 

This Weekend: Temperatures are looking to warm up this weekend, with highs in the low 40s. While Saturday is looking to be partly cloudy, Sunday is looking pretty overcast. However, with just a slight breeze and a bit of a warm up weather for Sunday's football game is looking promising for the fans. 

7-Day Forecast:  While the start of this week will be clear there is a chance for showers on Tuesday in the afternoon. You can also expect rain throughout Thursday, beginning early in the morning and not clearing up until Friday. While Friday looks to be clear the following weekend promises chances of snow. But for this week we're looking at warmer temperatures with showers throughout the week. 


-------Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle

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