Snow and cold throughout the week


Tonight: Temperatures will begin to drop near freezing tonight as rain transitions to snow throughout the evening and early morning tomorrow. A strong wind and continued rain will make travel tonight and early tomorrow difficult. 

Tomorrow: Snow will continue throughout the day tomorrow, as temperatures hover around freezing strong winds will make the day feel progressively colder due to the windchill. Spotty snow coverage will transition to full coverage throughout our viewing region into the afternoon. The snow isn't expected to clear through our viewing region until late Wednesday evening. 

Expected Snowfall: Counties in the northern part of our viewing region can expect snowfall between 2-4 inches, counties in the southern region can expect 1-3 inches of total snowfall. Total snowfall will depend on temperature fluctuations throughout the next two days. 

7-Day Forecast: Snow will continue through tomorrow, giving way to a cold front on Thursday. Colder temperatures will continue for the rest of the week, but highs will begin to reach above freezing this weekend. Giving students a clear and warmer start to spring break. 

-------Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle

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