Second snow coming

Tonight: Tonight will be partly cloudy and chilly, with temperatures dipping below freezing. It's looking to be a clear evening, but going into tomorrow we can expect to see some instances of snow and rain. 

Tomorrow: Changing temperatures throughout the day will change morning snow to afternoon rain. Early in the morning we'll see snow moving through our viewing region, followed by scattered showers in the afternoon. Temperatures will dip again in the evening, but it's unlikely that we'll see anymore snow. 

7-Day Forecast: Once the snow and rain from Saturday clears up temperatures will begin to rise going into the work week. The beginning of the week will see temperatures in the 50s, but as the week progresses rain and snow are expected to return. However that should clear up going into the following weekend though cold temperatures will remain. 


-------Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle

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