Snow on the way

 Tonight: Tonight temperatures will hover around freezing, but due to the strong winds and windchill it's likely to feel much cooler. While the weather will remain clear tonight is going to be cloudy and overcast. All counties in our viewing region are under a winter weather advisory due to the upcoming snow. 

Tomorrow: Tomorrow afternoon temperatures will heat up to 35 degrees, but by mid-afternoon into the late evening snow will begin to enter our viewing region. Snow will continue through Thursday, along with rain and sleet. 

Incoming Snow: Total snowfall will range from 1-6 inches throughout our viewing region, southern or western counties are likely to receive less snow and instead more rain and sleet. Northern counties could receive more snowfall throughout the next two days. 

7-Day Forecast: After snow and rain passes through on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday will result in a drastic drop in temperatures with a high of 14 degrees. The weekend will quickly heat up, leading to warmer temperatures and rain going into next week. 

-------Weather Forecaster Lexi Esterle

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