Gabbi Mitchell

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African American Alumni Oral History Project to showcase documentary film

04/27/2017 8:08pm

After two years of research and conducting interviews, the Department of History will hold the documentary film showcase of "Tales Told Out Of School" this Friday, to celebrate the history made by one student-powered immersive learning course directed by Michael Doyle, director of the Ball State public history program.

Students for Life push to end Planned Parenthood

03/22/2017 8:12am

With the current conversations about the future Planned Parenthood under the Trump administration, Students for Life of America is pushing for the defunding and potential new direction of the nonprofit organization.

ETA protests sanctuary universities bill

02/24/2017 2:44pm

An Indiana Senate committee approved a measure to make sanctuary universities illegal in the state this week, prohibiting universities from admitting undocumented immigrants.

Ball State releases 2015-16 diversity report

02/20/2017 8:37am

Ball State's 2015-16 diversity report, orchestrated by the Council on Diversity and Inclusion, has demonstrated the progress made to implement certain initiatives to determine what attracts certain minority groups, according to the most recent report.