Cameron Chinn

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High wind watch issued along with rain ahead

11/25/2019 7:16pm

A high wind watch put into effect for Wednesday and some rain in the near future but as for your Thanksgiving day it seems to look calm all of that and more with Wx Forecaster Cameron Chinn!

Rainy halloween ahead this week

10/29/2019 1:56pm

A wet Wednesday and a rain filled Halloween show up on the forecast, all of that and more with Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn!

Beautiful day with a chance of storms ahead

10/15/2019 2:04pm

A beautiful day today but we do have a chance of showers and stray thunderstorms for tonight that could interfere with nightly plans, find out what to expect and more with weather forecaster Cameron Chinn!

Wonderful day but warmer days ahead

09/24/2019 1:59pm

It is a wonderful day today here on campus but it seems the warm weather is coming back for another round, find all about it with weather forecaster Cameron Chinn!