Flood warning and rain ahead

Tonight: Just earlier we have been issued a flood warning mainly affecting Madison county near Anderson and this warning is in effect until Sunday of the 21st and any if there are any further updates we will update you with the latest. Moving on from that tonight should be a nice night as we will be seeing low 60's as the low with the occasional breeze and mostly cloudy conditions. 

Tomorrow: Tomorrow is the eventful day that was mentioned in the video, as for tomorrow we should see a fairly significant amount of rain and the chance of some scattered showers throughout the day. It will be in waves as the first comes in the morning then comes back in the late afternoon. While the temperature should be nice the rain will make things cooler afterwards, so it be best to have an umbrella on hand tomorrow!

7-Day: After the eventful Thursday we will be having this week it does cool things down for Friday and parts of Saturday, but after that things will warm up once again as we could be seeing 70's by Sunday and Monday with some sparse rain all throughout the weekend into next week.

-- Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn

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