Rainy halloween ahead this week

Tonight: Tonight is looking to be the same as today, gray and dreary but it will be a bit cooler than during the day. Temperature wise it will be around 43 degrees with overcast conditions, winds will remain fairly calm so if there are any plans you have bring a light jacket just in case!

Tomorrow: Tomorrow is going to be on and off rain the entire day starting in the early morning and throughout the day the temps will stay cool and low with the high only reaching 52 degrees. Any day plans will be washed out and classes tomorrow will be a hassle so be ready for the rain!

7-Day: Throughout the week it will be cool but after the rain pushes out the cooler weather will become even worse as some days it is very much possible we will be seeing lows below freezing! The weekend shows to be the worse part of it as high temps will only reach into the upper 40's but it seems there is some respite as Monday shows to be a bit warmer than the upcoming weekend, so hopefully the below freezing temps come and go quickly!

- Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn


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