Beautiful day with a chance of storms ahead


Tonight: Tonight is a very cool night ahead with a very significant chance of showers in the evening hours, while there is nothing too severe to this system, we can still see a stray thunderstorm or two with this system. It can also damper any plans you may have tonight so plan accordingly to the rain as well as the temps lowering into the low 40’s!

Tomorrow: Since the rain will come in tonight it will keep things cooler into tomorrow as we can see high temperatures only reaching low to mid 50’s. Winds will be higher than normal as we could see winds west northwest at 15-20 miles per hour, with the occasional gust reaching 20-25 mph. While it may be a nice and clear day this wind will keep things nice and cool throughout the day. 

7-Day: This week started off nice and warm with temps in the low 70’s but for homecoming week that nice and warm weather will not hold as the week goes on. With the showers tonight it cools things off for the next few days as highs will start in the low 50’s but as the week goes on and by the time the Homecoming game starts on Saturday, conditions are looking to be a bit warmer once again. Though there is a chance of rain on Saturday, but things could change as the week goes on and we will keep you updated with all the details! 

- Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn


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