Extremely cold temps ahead


Tonight: Tonight, is looking to be an extremely cold night and it is best to take this seriously as possible. While conditions will be clear, the wind will still be prevalent enough to make wind chill values dip into the negatives, so it is very much recommended to stay inside tonight and stay warm with some heat and maybe a hot chocolate!

Tomorrow: Tomorrow is looking to be a similar day like today where temperatures will hang around in the upper 20’s and maybe see some low 30’s but the wind will still be an issue as winds could gust up and make things feel much cooler which can be difficult to walk in class in. 

7-Day: The start of this week has started out brutally cold and it seems to hold even into the weekend, but by the weekend time it does seem to warm up slightly if we can call low 40’s a warm up but it is warmer than the 20° weather we are getting today and tomorrow. So right now I am looking forward to this weekend into next week since the weather will be better than today!

- Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn


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