Surprising hot day and more to come

Currents: Right now here in Muncie it is a shocking 90°F and the strong humidity outside is making it feel much warmer! For today we could even see the high temps come close to 90°, but as for now no record breaking highs but it comes close to the previous record which was 95°, so stay cool everyone!

Tonight: As for tonight it should cool down much more and leave us with some nicer temperatures, right now low for tonight it could get down in the low 70’s and it should be mostly clear conditions with the occasional breeze. 

Tomorrow: Tomorrow is looking to be another sweltering day as we could see temps reach upper 80’s and possibly into the 90’s as we see today. Humidity will also fairly high so throughout the entire day it will feel sticky and humid as the day goes on so don’t forget to have some water on hand at all times tomorrow!

7-Day: This week is shaping up to be a very warm week as most days see us in the upper 80’s with a chance of rain on Friday, as for game day Saturday it is looking to warm and mostly clear for the clear portion of the day. Then as we move into next week the heat comes right back with mid 80’s temperatures. 

-Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn


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