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Ikea debuts hydroponics box in London

When it comes to farming, the names you associate with it probably aren’t Arkelstorp, Mastholmen or Uppfatta, but thanks to a successful test run at the London Design Festival, they might be soon.

No answers: YouTube blocks LGBT content

“Some of the demonetization I understand and is completely fair based on YouTube’s user guidelines, the issue is that it does not tell you for individual videos what caused it to be flagged.” They told me in an email this weekend. Currently, the only context creators are given as to why their videos have been demonetized is the message, “not suitable for all advertisers.”

Xbox Live Indie Games shuts down tomorrow

Microsoft has since transitioned to the “ID@XBOX” program, which Microsoft says is a more formal and managed approach to publishing independent games exclusive to the Xbox One or Windows 10.