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Small Sparks ignite big change

Muncie native Casey Eichenlaub is a man of action. He sees a problem and figures out a way to fix it. If the problem involves power tools, even better. In 2020, Eichenlaub secured a Small Sparks grant from the 8twelve Coalition to build fence posts for his Thomas Park Avondale neighbors. This year, he was awarded the grant to complete home repairs, mostly to water heaters and HVAC systems.

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A whisk of 'Wonder' for Mario fans

With a stunning new artistic direction and a plethora of inventive power-ups and abilities, Super Mario Wonder is a marvelous addition to Nintendo's 2D Mario lineup. Adding a host of new ideas, Nintendo captures the wonderful wackiness of imagination.

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A “Scream” of a horror movie

Coming from a self-aware legacy of classics, Scream VI slashes its way to theaters with gripping horror and traditional Scream meta-ness. With new and returning cast members, the film serves as a slasher standard.

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