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Concert-goers watch the Lost Bayou Ramblers perform in Canan Commons Park, July 10, 2021, as part of the Muncie Three Trails Music Series. The music series is free, which founder and organizer Richard Zeigler said is unique for a city of Muncie's size. Richard Zeigler, Photo Provided

Muncie Three Trails Music Series returns for summer 2021

After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Muncie Three Trails Music Series is back for summer 2021. This music series brings professional recording artists to the Canan Commons Park in Muncie. After kicking off July 10 with the Lost Bayou Ramblers, there are still three ensembles scheduled for this summer.

Officers from local departments gather together in an Ivy Tech classroom for Project Sybertooth April 30. Officers from the Muncie Police Department, Delaware County Sheriff's Office and Ball State University Police Department can take these classes to learn more about cybersecurity. The Ball Brothers Foundation, Photo Provided

Ball Brothers Foundation begins funding Project Sybertooth

Within the last few months, two cyber attacks have crippled entire industries in the United States. One attack threatened a gas shortage on the East Coast and another threatened a meat shortage across the country. With cybercrime on the rise, many people, including Muncie locals and Ball State students, wonder how it can affect them. 


Minnetrista brings Muncie the full Bob Ross experience

With shirts, socks and even breath mints made in Bob Ross’ likeness, his calm demeanor and positive outlook appear to have captivated people nearly 26 years after his death. From 1983 to 1994—the run time of his show, “The Joy of Painting”— Ross became a household name. Then, a few years ago, his name resurfaced and became more iconic in popular culture. 


Muncie Pride hosts first in-person kickoff event

With a buzz of traffic noise around them at Cornerstone Park in downtown Muncie, participants in the Pride Kickoff event created a meaningful experience the evening of June 3 to celebrate and uplift the LGBTQ community in Muncie.


Big Monkey Fighting Radioactive Lizard: The good, the bad, and the disappointing

Everyone likes a good movie, but what exactly makes a movie good? That’s definitely a topic for debate. A movie can easily be so bad that it’s good. One example being The Room which is objectively a horrible movie, but that attribute is what makes it so entertaining and elevated it to a cult classic. Sadly though, not all bad movies get this honor, like Cats— which is just plain bad. A simple way to find both objectively and subjectively “good” movies is to check both critic reviews and audience reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gives you both for a reason. So, why in the world am I talking about this? Big monkey fighting radioactive lizard, that’s why. Godzilla vs. Kong for those of you who didn’t immediately get it.

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