Did the Streamys neglect up-and-coming YouTubers?

These award winners have more in common with the traditional studio production model than with the innovative, accessible spirit of online video. These productions are not bad or in the wrong by any stretch of the imagination – they simply don’t align with The Streamy’s stated creator-centric intentions. 


'American Vandal' is a who-done-it done impressively well

Despite a less-than-satisfying mystery, ‘American Vandal’ is a sight to behold with its strong array of actors and its multitude of genuinely funny moments. While the show may not win any Emmys, it is a solid entry in the Netflix catalog. This fantastic comedy is great for passing time and even better for passing time with friends. 


'Aho-Girl': Old formula, novel presentation, great execution

'Aho-Girl', with its great animation, light story, simple plot, half-length episodes, and slapstick humor could keep anyone entertained through its first twelve-episode season. With an array of characters that cover a large range of personality types, there’s something new and funny in every episode that this light-hearted comedy has to offer for both seasoned veterans and anime initiates alike.


No answers: YouTube blocks LGBT content

“Some of the demonetization I understand and is completely fair based on YouTube’s user guidelines, the issue is that it does not tell you for individual videos what caused it to be flagged.” They told me in an email this weekend. Currently, the only context creators are given as to why their videos have been demonetized is the message, “not suitable for all advertisers.”


Who to look out for at Fountain Square Music Festival 2017

Fountain Square Music Festival is now in its fifth year and plenty of changes are coming to the event. Located in five tight-knit Indianapolis venues including a new outdoor main stage called THE NUCLEUS, the festival will welcome over 50 artists from all reaches of the nation on October 6 & 7.

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