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Ball State students interview David Letterman to tell Ball State’s centennial story

The students reached out to prominent BSU alumnus, David Letterman, for the opportunity to interview him. “We got in contact with him through the President’s office,” Director John Osterhoudt told Byte reporters, “and then we heard back literally like two weeks ago and he was like, ‘Yeah, come to New York.’” The students drove to Letterman’s publicist’s office in Manhattan to conduct the interview. 


State of the YouTube: the consequences of controversy

Logan didn’t take much of a hit from posting this video, and in the long run, this may have even benefitted his career and brought more people to his content. Meanwhile, other creators who have covered this story are still being hit with demonetization. Which brings us to yesterday, when Logan Paul returned to YouTube.


The Year in Review: Byte’s Top-Reviewed Movies of 2017

Every year produces a relentless heaping of blockbuster films that sell fantastically, but how many of them are actually good is another question entirely. Though the major circuit may have been a little bit short on masterpieces this year, it was by no means empty. We got another great Pixar movie, a beautiful shoutout to The Room, and the best M. Night Shyamalan film in a long time. We also caught a whole host of independent films at Heartland Film Festival this year, some of which were made in our own backyard. So as it turns out, the year of The Disaster Artist wasn’t such a disaster after all.


The Year in Review: Byte’s Top-Reviewed Albums of 2017

Music reviews were a new endeavor for Byte this year, but it was a great first year to cover. We saw some disappointments from previously loved artists like Arcade Fire and Blondie, to be sure, but we also saw some pleasant comebacks and changeups from the likes of Lorde, Aimee Mann and Paramore. Some of these albums made us smile and others made us cry, but they all left some sort of indelible mark on us, and that’s why they’re the best albums of 2017.


Input 2: Let’s do the Time Warp again

We dive into the history of the film, ask what defines a cult classic, and talk about the strange traditions associated with the film. We’re joined by two members of the Ball State University RHPS Shadowcast, and they talk about what the film means to them and their experience being in the shadow cast on campus.

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