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FCC claims one ISP counts as “competition”

Back in April, the Federal Communications Commission passed a vote that took away price limits for Internet Service Providers that service rural customers. Specifically, customers “within a half mile of a location served by a competitive provider.” 


#NoMoreNazis is somehow controversial

There’s also a really good reason for continually making players shoot Nazis in the head: they’re the ultimate villain. On a fundamental level they represent the worst that mankind is capable of, and there should be something cathartic in destroying that.  So when people call out Wolfenstein II for encouraging the lurid killing of Nazis, they’re missing the point of killing Nazis.


If you’re stuck on ‘Cuphead’, here’s six tips to help you beat it

There’s no secret that this game has some frustratingly difficult bosses. Just be reminded that this game is unique in its art style and music... Many are comparing this game to a platformer version of Dark Souls because of how often the player dies. In my own personal playthrough, I’ve died over 750 times. This game is intended to be a challenge in its greatest moments and at its worst. 


Ikea debuts hydroponics box in London

When it comes to farming, the names you associate with it probably aren’t Arkelstorp, Mastholmen or Uppfatta, but thanks to a successful test run at the London Design Festival, they might be soon.

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