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 Photography by Blake and Ben Chapman 

Inside the ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ pop-up shop in Disney Springs

In preparation for the highly anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on December 29, Disney Parks has opened a pop-up shop in their lakefront shopping center Disney Springs. The small store is located in the heart of Disney Springs and features plenty of memorabilia along with a 15-minute demo of the new installment in the franchise. I recently traveled to Orlando around Christmas to visit family and luckily got the chance to experience the store and all it had to offer.

Image by Tt Shinkan

A non-gamer’s guide for the best video game gifts of the 2018 holiday season

With the holiday season rolling around, a great last minute gift to grab is a video game. Even those who aren’t super game-inclined can get a lot of use out of a new game console or new game. The only question is deciding which games are naughty (read: terrible) and which games are nice. Here’s a quick guide to great game purchases this holiday season.