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‘Kingdom Hearts III’ is well worth the wait

02/08/2019 3:40pm

‘Kingdom Hearts III’ is a beautiful game from start to finish. The characters experience growth from start to finish and the player finally gets answers to almost everything. 

‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ is an anime movie at its finest

10/16/2018 7:29pm

 For both newcomers and veterans of ‘My Hero Academia,’ ‘My Hero  Academia: Two Heroes’ captures your attention from the start. Class 1-A  are their usual loveable selves, especially Bakugo, and the few new  characters were memorable. Some background was given for All Might, so  it was neat to see the No. 1 hero when he was younger. The fighting  sequences were action-packed and just beautiful to watch. The animation  looked amazing, and ‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ proved just how much  better MHA would be if it were always on the big screen.  

‘Venom’ is a beautiful, lovable parasite

10/16/2018 6:57pm

 ‘Venom’ is a must-see with all of its dark, gorgeous combat scenes. Tom  Hardy makes Eddie Brock lovable and memorable, and Venom himself adds to  the movie’s dark factor. It is fast-paced, which makes it enjoyable,  but also hurts the movie in a few ways. Despite that, even without  Spider-Man included, ‘Venom’ makes a beautiful movie worth watching. 

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 7: “What a Twist!”

05/26/2018 4:17pm

 This episode wrapped up an arc and began the next one. It dealt a lot  with the aftermath of the attack, and highlighted what UA is going to do  next. The animation is beautiful and shows some interesting scenes. It  deals with the loss of a friend and how people feel about that. Overall,  the episode helps excite the viewer for what is coming up next.