Warning: This review may contain spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of My Hero Academia

The first episode of the third season of My Hero Academia,  “Game Start,” did not have much going on in the episode, but mainly  served as a refresher for what happened previously. After the action  from season two, the viewer may expect a little more, but this episode  is light-hearted while teasing at what is next in this season.

The hype leading up to the release of the new episode led to a slight  disappointment of it being a recap episode, with most of the episode  focusing on flashbacks and what happened previously. It also dedicates  time to each character and their quirks. By the end of the episode, the  viewer is left feeling as if nothing really happened from this filler.  There is a little plot development with the leader of the League of  Villains, Tomura Shigaraki, sharing his goals, and every other character  getting ready for the summer training camp.

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Since the up-and-coming heroes had been previously attacked by the  League of Villains, U.A. asked the students to not stray too far away  from the school while on summer vacation. This upset a few of the female  characters, so they decide to rent the school’s pool to sunbathe.  Minoru Mineta and Denki Kaminari catch wind of their idea and decide to  rent the pool with Deku under the cover of “extra training.” Deku  decides to message all the other boys in the class and invite them to  the pool for training exercises.

This light-hearted episode is a breather from the chaos of last  season and before the pick-up of the summer training camp arc that will  happen next. The reunion of class 1-A is refreshing as the characters  are allowed to use their quirks since they are on school grounds. This  allows the viewers to see how far each character has come with some of  the quirks. It also shows the viewer of why both Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki  became heroes and mentions what their goals are for this next season,  especially since each of them wishes to be the best.

Naturally, when you get the class of 1-A together unsupervised, the  viewer is in for a fun ride because of the mash of personalities.  Everyone is here for their own reasons, but it is always humorous when  they are able to relax together. The humor makes this show so lovable  and memorable. My Hero Academia revolves around kids, but with  everything 1-A has been through in the past, they rarely get time to  have fun and be kids, making the episode different from what the viewer  has seen in the past.

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As always, the visuals of My Hero Academia captivate the viewer with  the beautiful scenery and action sequences. The scenes look natural and  fluid. A personal favorite scene of mine was when the camera zoomed in  on the scars on Deku’s hand in order to remind the audience of how far  he has come. He went from only being able to break something to use his  super power to calling it with ease. Although there were many  flashbacks, they still looked beautiful and in sequence with the show.

There is not much in the way of character development; they mostly  use this episode to share why some of the major characters are there and  what their goals are. There is a fair amount of screen time dedicated  to each of the characters so most of them get a little screen time, with  the girls of the class getting the least. It also shows how a lot of  the characters have more respect for each other and what they can do.  Some, like Bakugo, don’t want the others to go down without a fight.

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This episode sets up well for the training camp to come. It also  shares how nervous the teachers at U.A. are with the upcoming camping  and what they are doing to make sure the students are safe, along with  what Tomura Shigaraki hopes to accomplish in the upcoming months and his  deep hatred for All Might. The creators also make sure to connect  Shigaraki’s focus with Bakugo’s own for All Might because for him to be  the best hero, he needs to beat the current number one.

Overall, the episode wasn’t much. It sets up the rest of the season  and allows for the viewer to remember the lovable characters, while  teasing what the League of Villains is up to. It was nice and easy to  watch, and will make any viewer eagerly await the next episode.

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