The Student Government Association passed legislation on Sept. 21 that would allow for more separation of power between the branches of the government.

The new amendment would make some changes to the structure of the Student Judicial Court, another branch of student government. Previously, the vice president or secretary of justice could preside over the court, meaning there wasn't a complete separation between the judicial and executive branch.

The Student Judicial Court is used when senators or executive members don't follow SGA's bylaws. They also often deal with infractions of candidates during the election season.

Hunter Schubert, the off-campus chair, authored the amendment.

“We really want to try to make this as realistic as possible to our current judicial system, and I really just went through that and tried to mirror that,” Schubert said. “I've had experiences before in the judicial committee, and I just didn't feel it was represented well to the students, and this accurately represents them.”

The senators also chose committees and committee leadership during the meeting.