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First time at the farmers market

05/17/2018 11:46am

The Minnetrista Farmers Market offers various types of food, plants and homemade items to Muncie residents every Saturday morning. However, the market constantly gains new members who have a variety of things to offer. 

Joining the ranks

04/30/2018 3:50pm

Men in the military share why they chose to enlist. 

The meaning of heritage

02/26/2018 5:38pm

With this photo essay, Ball Bearings captures individuals in traditional garments that are integral to their cultural identities.

Cafe con Leche: Let's not wear the sombrero for Halloween

10/25/2017 1:53pm

I’m taking pictures of Homecoming on a Saturday morning, and I see these two grown women dressed up with a mustache and a sombrero.  They are walking with a group of girls, possibly between the ages of 8 and 9. These little girls are wearing sombreros too. 

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