Kaitlyn Arford

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Introduction: Fall Print Issue

11/03/2015 9:14am

At a projected 75.3 million, Millennials have surpassed the Baby Boomer generation, now projected at 74.9 million people. For the first time in years, a new generation – the largest generation – is on the way to changing America

Top 6 organizations to join this year

09/30/2015 11:13am

Joining a group of environmental and social activists on or off campus is one way to connect with the environment. If you want to get involved in work that impacts the Muncie community, and may even extend to national and international scales, start here.

Are You Still Watching?

04/20/2015 2:24pm

We’ll spend a weekend with roommates watching “Scandal”, a few hours in between classes catching up on “Orange Is the New Black” or end a night full of homework with some “House of Cards”. We all have a general idea of what the term “binge watching” means, but what is it really?