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Desire to be different: Students embrace quirks

They ignore the status quo or walk around in costume, not seeming to care that they’re different than those around them. These students who choose not to conform to societal norms say they do it for a variety of reasons — because they feel like it, it garners attention or it boosts their confidence.


Millennials and Sexuality

This week, Ball Bearings looks at the way Millennials view sexuality and gender identity. We sat down with a panel of individuals who identify at different places on the spectrum, and asked them about the ways they see their own gender and sexual identities


It Takes a Village

Millennials are framing the way parenting is viewed by raising their kids with extended family and taking a more hands-off approach to parenting


A Millennial's Journey to Atheism

Although raised a Christian, Christina Guy chooses to become unaffiliated with religion, a trend occurring among Millennials in higher numbers than in all previous generations

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