Spring issue: Our money. Their secrets.

For the past five months, the staff members at Ball Bearings Magazine have been trying to answer the question: Where does our money go?

It took over 10 public information requests for over 30 pieces of information. It took a team of investigative writers, and it took hours of searching documents. This week, we release our print investigative issue and our accompanying online digital issue, which examine tuition and transparency.

The aim of this issue of Ball Bearings is to get students thinking about their tuition money and to inform them more about the university they pay so much to attend. Earlier this month, we met with the national president of The Society of Professional Journalists, Paul Fletcher, who agreed to help us any way he could. He wrote a column accompanying our work about the importance of transparency at universities.

The Importance of Transparency on Campus,” Column by Paul Fletcher, national president of The Society of Professional Journalists.
Paul Fletcher, the national president of the Society of Professional Journalists, says he stands with student journalists who ask for transparency.

Your Money Matters: But we still don’t know where it is,” Essay by Alex Kincaid
I spent five months investigating how student tuition is allocated and where Ball State University receives its funding. Despite claims of transparency, I was only able to touch on the answers to those two questions.

Our Money. Their Secrets.” Cover Story by Alex Kincaid
Students continue to pay more for a college education, but know less about the financing of their university.

The Price of College and the Consequences of Less Funding,” Q&A with Thomas Harnisch

Thomas Harnisch, the director of state relations and policy analysis for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, explains the price and cost of college.

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