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The iconic Selena

To mark her birthday on April 16, we’re taking a look at what makes her special. Even though Selena left us more than 20 years ago, she continues being an icon. She is known to this day not only for her music, but for her signature traits, too.


Celebrate with a few mixed drinks

As the end of the semester nears, you may be looking for a way to celebrate getting yet another year of college under your belt. Sometimes, just getting through a rough week merits a little party. Whether you’re waiting till the end or already brindando to little victories, here are four mixed drinks you can make any time.


Latinx Student Union and Spectrum collaborate for panel discussion

The Latinx Student Union and Spectrum have held the panel discussion “Latinx and Queer: Our Coming Out Stories” in the Student Center on March 28. The discussion brought together four panelists who identify as queer and Latinx to talk about their experiences with coming out, the responses of others, the effects on self-acceptance and how being Latinx influenced the process.

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