Latinx Student Union and Spectrum collaborate for panel discussion


The Latinx Student Union and Spectrum have held the panel discussion “Latinx and Queer: Our Coming Out Stories” in the Student Center on March 28.

The discussion brought together four panelists who identify as queer and Latinx to talk about their experiences with coming out, the responses of others, the effects on self-acceptance and how being Latinx influenced the process.

Some common themes with the panelists’ stories were that coming out resulted in being kicked out of their homes. The panelists also discussed how religion and facets of their cultural background, such as machismo, played a part in some of the negative reactions they received to their sexuality. Also, some of the panelists said that they were met with denial from people they came out to, and that some people treated their sexuality like something not to be spoken of.

“When we don’t talk about intersectionality, the dominant voice takes over,” said Lilia Arroyo, one of the panelists. “I think it’s important so that we don’t erase people’s experiences.”

Ashley Caceres, co-coordinator of the event, said it’s important to have discussions about sexual orientation in conjunction with race and ethnicity because it shines a light on the fact that groups vary within themselves.

“Having dialogue shows that Latinx aren’t cookie-cutter, and neither are people of other identities,” she said. “We think of stereotypes, which wipes out so many identities.”

One hope Karina Aréchiga, a panelist from the event, said she has for conversations like these are that they foster understanding between people.

“We can make the world more friendly, hopefully, and make the world more compassionate,” she said.

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