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Remixed S1E2.5 – The Grammy’s in Review

We talk about the monumental event that was The Grammy Awards this year. We breakdown winners, losers, performances, and performers. Obviously we talk about Beyonce. And Lady Gaga. And Metallica. And Agent Orange. A lot happened. We live-tweeted the event over at @ByteBSU if you need a catch up on all the incredible happenings this year. Be sure to follow us on iTunes!


Remixed S1E2 – Gaga, Grammy’s, and Nickelback

With the Grammy’s fast approaching, we discuss the unique myriad of performers slated to appear at this Sunday’s award’s show. We also couldn’t help but notice that Nickelback wanted to put in their two cents (five cents?) on recent political issues in their new single Feed the Machine. Imagine Dragons’ new single titled Believer is what we believe to be better execution of lyrics and sound. On top of everything, one of our favorite bands Twenty-one Pilots have ended the Blurryface era with a music video for the song heavydirtysoul. We’re pretty hyped about that.

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