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Input 2 S6E3: Valentine's Day Special! Romantic Movies

02/14/2019 2:06pm

On this week's episode we are discussing the loved and hated topic that is known as romantic movies. With Valentine's Day being a great day to dive into the world of love and romance, what better time to bring up these movies? 

The hesitant acceptance of the expanding Harry Potter universe

07/29/2017 12:25am

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, and I don’t want to hear from him. Today he’s 37, a harried (ha) Auror who balances his work in the Ministry, three children, and dealing with his celebrity status having defeated Voldemort all those years ago.

No, Dream Daddy isn’t about a cult: the secret ending

07/29/2017 12:05am

But one of the endings is. Last week the much anticipated dad dating simulator Dream Daddy created by the Game Grumps captivated the Internet with a punny, original concept that charmed players with an adorable aesthetic, wholesome meme-ery, and of course those handsome, datable dads.